I am originally from Winnipeg. Like all Winnipeggers, I know cold, I know winter and I know the north. Or at least I thought I did. Some time ago I was standing at a bus stop when I struck up a conversation with a First Nations man – a fellow Manitoban. He asked where I was from and when I told him he said, “Oh. You’re from down south.”  To someone from Churchill, Manitoba, Winterpeg is the Deep South.

Pastors Levi Beardy and Roy Polson

Pastors Levi Beardy and Roy Polson

CBOQ is blessed to have forged some excellent relationships with our northern First Nations communities. In late July, our Missional Initiatives Associate, Walter McIntyre, travelled with Levi Beardy to northern Quebec to deliver theological textbooks – gifts from some of CBOQ’s churches. Visiting such places as Winneway and Notre Dame du Nord (home of Pastor Roy Polson, evangelist and musician) in Quebec, Walter and Levi were able to provide resources and encouragement for pastors in areas that can feel isolated from the world around them.

Walter McIntyre and Pastor Roy Polson

Walter McIntyre and Pastor Roy Polson

From there, the dynamic duo had the opportunity to drop in on a Vacation Bible School for nearly 40 children in Wemindjii that was hosting volunteers from several CBOQ churches and seeing more examples of the partnerships between our churches and First Nations communities.

On they went in their slightly lighter Bookmobile to Oujé-Bougamou, a beautiful planned community overlooking Lake Opemiska. There they were able to offer their expertise in preaching and teaching at a local revival meeting that had drawn an audience from near and far – an audience of First Nations people who love Jesus, country music and are sharing his message with their communities.

We are excited to continue developing our partnerships with First Nations communities in Ontario and Quebec as we continue to see what God has planned for us. We look forward to learning from each other, finding new opportunities for partnership and sharing in fellowship with one another.

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