Reignite is a CBOQ pastor and ministry workers’ conference sponsored by the Leadership Development office. Our goal is to encourage, inspire, connect and refresh all our ministry workers. Growing year by year, this conference provides a welcoming and relaxing environment for our pastors, ministry leaders and their spouses to nourish their spirit, mind and body. This annual autumn event is design for leaders to take a few days away from the intensity of ministry and reignite their passion for Christ alongside old and new friends. We invite you to consider encouraging your pastor to come to Reignite and give him or her a chance to recharge and be strengthened to serve your church better.


November 3-5, 2014
Nottawasaga Inn, Alliston, ON

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Detail on this year’s theme:  Discernment in Ministry

Dr. Phil C. Zylla
Phil is the Academic Dean and J. Gordon and Margaret Warnock Jones Chair in Church Ministry at McMaster Divinity College.  He is author of The Roots of Sorrow: A Pastoral Theology of Suffering and is currently working on a book on the theme of spiritual formation of the congregation.  He is married to Melodie, who serves as Worship Director at Kingsway Baptist Church in Etobicoke, ON.

Discernment is the ability to discriminate in spiritual matters.  “It is a process that allows a person to see, without confusion and ambiguity, what differentiates things.”  (Wolff, Discernment, 3). However, gaining wisdom and establishing clear perspective is not automatic.  We are distracted by many voices competing for our attention.  We are driven by many demands on our lives.  In a spiritual setting of fellowship and collegiality, we will explore new dimensions of listening to God for our true vocation with the aim of renewing our passion for life and for ministry.

Session One: Discerning Your Inner Vocation – The Life of Integrity

Discerning one’s true vocation is not as simple a matter as knowing what your job description is.  It is a spiritually tested interior vision of your life that brings clarity, joy, inspiration and hope to your daily tasks.  In this session we will explore the themes of authenticity, alignment, and availability – all dimensions of discerning your inner vocation and living a life that is true to who you really are at core.  The aim of this session is to explore all the versions of yourself and to rediscover your core passions and interests as part of the renewal of your life in ministry.

Session Two: Listening for God’s Voice –  The Life of Prayerfulness

It is simply impossible to do spiritual discernment if we do not pray, that is, consciously seek to find God’s voice in all matters of our life.  Prayer is making ourselves present to God . . . open to his speaking voice.  In this session we will explore the dynamics of the life of prayer.  Henri Nouwen states, “The most basic movement of the spiritual life is the movement from illusion to prayer.  It is through this movement that we reach out to God . . . who is eternally real and from whom all reality comes forth.”  (Nouwen, Reaching Out, 80).  The aim of this session is to reignite the passion for communion with God at the core of your life.

Session Three: Discerning God’s Call – The Life of Compassion

Discernment cannot be only about us.  True spiritual discernment always moves out to others in love and compassion.  While the needs of others can be demanding at times, authentic Christian ministry is defined by this deeper call to compassion.  This session will explore three three spiritual practices as the basis for authentic compassion:  prayerful attention, spiritual accompaniment, and sensitive articulation.  The aim of this session is to reorient our lives to the God of compassion who calls us to serve others in Christ.