SabrinaCanadian Baptists of Ontario and Quebec (CBOQ), Canadian Baptist Women of Ontario and Quebec (CBWOQ) and Canadian Baptist Ministries (CBM) are pleased to announce the appointment of Sabrina Spooner as coordinator of the Legacy for Ministry program in central Canada.

Sabrina brings many years of experience in the banking sector, including leading training workshops. Her integrity and love for Christ is evident in her work. Sabrina will assume responsibility for the Legacy for Ministry program effective immediately. Working alongside her as volunteer presenters of Legacy for Ministry workshops are George and Nancy Bell and John Szeto.

Legacy for Ministry is a program that has been developed by the Canadian Baptists of Western Canada Foundation and graciously made available for use across Canada by Canadian Baptist denominations and organizations. In Ontario and Quebec, the Legacy for Ministry program is jointly funded and administered by CBOQ, CBWOQ and CBM. Legacy for Ministry encourages all members of Canadian Baptist churches, as a part of their Christian stewardship, to have a current will and to designate a portion of their estate to the support of Christian ministry through their local church, denomination, and/or Canadian Baptist ministry organizations. For more information on the Legacy for Ministry program, or to schedule a workshop in your church, please contact Sabrina at or at

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  1. Rev. Vasco Perry says:

    Congratulations Sabrina. It is good to see that all of the work put in to the marriage ministry at Jackson Church of God has paid off. Keep the torch of the Lord burning brightly.
    Will be praying for you.

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