Bilberry Creek Baptist Church Published: May 9, 2017
Job Type
Permanent Position
Number of Hours per Week


Compensation: This will be a part-time position with salary and benefits based upon experience.

Administrative Duties:

Attend and/or Convene Meetings: The Youth Leader will meet with the pastor(s), deacon liaison and members of the Teaching Commission as required in order to discuss and report on the Friday evening Youth program(s). Youth leader will attend the Annual Program meeting, the Annual Budget Meeting and all Council Meetings. While the head of the Teaching Commission or their designate will normally present reports at church meetings, the Youth Leader may also be asked to present a report and/or to answer questions directly from members of the congregation.
Plan and Organize: Youth Leader will plan, organize and develop the various aspects of the Friday evening TNT and Youth activities. Will also coordinate, supervise and disciple volunteers to this end. This includes Bible Study units and curriculum material. Youth Leader will also book guest speakers and locations, oversee large events and send info notices out pertaining to such events and special occasions as per the “Child and Youth Coordinator Annual Responsibilities Checklist” attached to this document as Annex A.
Identify / Encourage Children and Youth: Compile and maintain a list of all children and youth who attend BCBC and / or the Children and Youth (C & Y) Ministries through which they are connecting. The list will be developed with a view to encourage young people to be saved through the power of the blood of Jesus Christ. In addition, the Leader will encourage children and youth in their faith.

Grants: Complete grant applications with church administrative staff. These will normally be grants for summer students.

Finances: Track all spending of the Youth Ministry as well as the recording of funds for special events. Work with church admin staff to maintain meticulous and complete records for all financial activities.

Child Protection Policy: Maintain a comprehensive knowledge of BCBC’s CHILD PROTECTION POLICY as it is presented in the BCBC Constitution and other documents. Be prepared to carefully implement the requirements of this policy as they pertain primarily to planning and carrying out Friday night TNT and youth programs. However, the policies shall also apply to all Youth activities at other times and locations.
• Work and liaise with the Child Policy Designate as mentioned in the BCBC Constitution.
• Shall confirm that all volunteers working with C & Y have completed a police check for the vulnerable sector.
• Shall ensure that assistant leaders and volunteers understand and follow the policy guidelines. Immediately bring any questions and concerns about how to implement the CHILD PROTECTION POLICY guidelines to the pastor, deacons and / or Child Policy Designate.

Record Keeping: Maintain meticulous attendance records.
• Track all absences. Make contact with those who are absent with a view to encouraging them to come regularly to the Youth Group.
• Collect student information and release forms.
• Ensure assistant leaders are keeping their screened leader files updated.
• Review and update leader and sponsor information.

Incident Reports: Complete and submit to administrative staff incident reports relating to first aid such as slips and falls and sports injuries. Complete and submit incident reports for situations that require any type of verbal and / or physical intervention. Such incidents may relate to bullying, touching or other physical contact, use of bad language or any other report judged to be necessary to maintain the distinct calling to Jesus that is the testimony of BCBC and its congregation and leadership. Such reports will also include bullying and other negative incidents relating to social media. The Youth Leader is encouraged to make use of the camera system installed in the church to review incidents in consultation with the trustees.

New Leaders: Recruit new leaders. Take them through the screening process.

Promotional Materials: Review and update information flyers and other promotional materials (foyer poster boards, media slides, and other means of communication). Review, develop and update materials for inclusion on the BCBC website only with the approval of the pastor(s) and deacons.

Written Reports: Prepare written reports for the Annual Program meeting, the Annual Budget Meeting and any Council Meetings as required. Prepare written report relating to any grants applied for and received. Youth Leader may be required to publicly present reports.

Teaching Responsibilities:

Bible Study Curriculum: Develop and deliver Bible study units for Friday evening TNT and Youth.
Teach Sunday School: Provide occasional, as needed, fill-in teaching for Sunday School. Once per month suggested, with the goal of encouraging Sunday School students to attend Youth Group.

Disciple Assistant Leaders:

Youth Leader will pray for the Youth Group and the assistant leaders as well as their families, siblings and parents. Leader will offer practical, spiritual and emotional support to assistant leaders on an ongoing basis.
• Leader will facilitate hands-on experience for assistant leaders during training for, planning of and leading of events.
• The Youth Leader is responsible for providing support, prayer and necessary follow-up to all youth and assistant leaders. This may include providing references and / or opportunities for service.
• The youth leader may be required to oversee and support some adult sponsors / helpers.
Lead Camps, Retreats and Mission Trips
May be responsible for planning and leading one or two retreats per year.
Instigate Parent / Student Contact
Will seek to meet new families and Youth attending BCBC and invite/encourage them to participate in Friday evening and other programs.


Provide regular information in a series of updates to the Youth Group, parents and the congregation.
• Provide Sunday morning announcements
• Provide Friday evening announcements
• Provide email notices to parents
• The creative and skilful use of electronic and social media is highly encouraged.
• Respond promptly to parent / student enquiries and concerns.
• Encourage Youth to address the Youth Group and / or the congregation themselves to provide announcements, updates and feedback from conferences or retreats.

Overview of Church and Community

Cosmopolitan church in Orleans, population 108,000, a suburban area of Ottawa, population 1.3 million in metropolitan area. Average attendance 182 each Sunday. All ages represented infants to seniors. Thriving Youth Group and Sunday School. Dynamic music and worship ministry. Sound in theology. Bible-based. Friendly and helpful atmosphere. Bilberry established 1993. Major building expansion in 2009. Beautiful building and grounds.
Eglise Evangelique Baptist d’Orleans (EEBO), a prospering French-speaking church also meets separately in the facility. Avg attendance 120 each Sunday.

Qualifications and Education Requirements

-Has obtained or is willing to work toward ministerial credentialing within the CBOQ.
-Believer in Jesus Christ with sound theology
-Healthy family relationships; able to balance priorities between home and ministry.
-Minimum of five years’ experience in a ministry position or equivalent.
-French language and cross cultural experience advantageous.

Role and Responsibilities

Ministry – 50% Catalyst toward personal investment into people with a process for spiritual formation and multiplying disciples. Share the” Spirit of Mentoring” through recruiting, developing and encouraging of a lay discipleship growth team.
Leadership – 40% Oversight and mentoring of youth volunteers and summer staff. Directional guidance of mentoring ministries.
Pastoral – 10% Occasional involvement in a “pastoral role” toward: public prayer, visitation, weddings, and funerals. Ability to preach periodically.

Recruit new leaders; Disciple Assistant Leaders.
Track all spending of the Youth Ministry; Keep attendance records; Prepare Written and Incident Reports.
Attend and/or Convene Meetings; Plan and Organize; Identify / Encourage Children and Youth.
Lead Camps, Retreats and Mission Trips

Preferred Skills

-Ability to manage, team with, and oversee other ministry staff.
-Ability to communicate clearly and effectively both interpersonally as well as in public settings.
-Ability to use social media effectively and ethically.


Kim Barriault, pastoral assistant, 613 824-3131      Randy McCooeye, lead pastor, 613 824-3132
Bilberry Creek Baptist Church welcomes and encourages applications from people with disabilities. Accommodations are available on request for candidates taking part in all aspects of the selection process.