Issues of peace and justice (righteousness) are everywhere inherent to the Good News that Christ has brought and is bringing to our broken world. God in Christ so loved the world and is concerned about the restoration and re-creation of people, places and things. At CBOQ, we’re not only concerned with sanctification but with the shalom that should mark genuine Christian community.

Lord make me an instrument of your peace – the prayer of St. Francis, is also the prayer of every serious believer. In a war-torn world, in the factionalism of party-politics (and even sometimes of church and denominational life) we are to seek and work towards the shalom of God – keeping the peace, seeking to maintain the peace that God’s Spirit brings.

In practical terms, the involvement of believers in the areas of peace and justice will take us to places where we might rather not be – but we follow Him who is concerned for all people, in every area of life – those living in poverty, the marginalized and the under-employed.

They Will Know Us by our Love: A Commitment to Peace in CommunityThey Will Know Us by our Love:  A Commitment to Peace in Community. We encourage church members, board and committee chairs to use these resources as a guide for conducting church meetings and discussions for life in community:

Peace Initiative Booklet   Our Commitments   Peace Initiative Poster