Acting missionally in Canada today requires us to think like a missionary entering an unfamiliar land. When someone travels on mission overseas, they immerse themselves in learning the language, culture, music, events of the new location. They learn the particular joys and sorrows of their community. They ask many questions and listen deeply. Once they have listened, then they can speak. And when they do, they convey the life and love of Jesus in a way that makes sense to the hearers, because it comes from within their world.

The world missional has many layers of meaning, but primary among them is the idea of being ‘sent’. We are a ‘sent people’ even if we never leave the home were born in. The God who desires to embrace this broken world with unconditional love wants to use our arms to do so – with the people who are within arms’ reach.

How can we learn to exegete our neighbourhood? Consider the following resources, tailored to the kind of community in which you may live.

Small Churches

Small Churches

  1. Laurie Barber - The Rural Church
  2. Rural Churches Thrive When...
  3. Dr. Ron Johnston - Reality Check for the Church
  4. Jeff Patton - If It Could Happen Here: Turning the Small Membership Church Around
  5. Anthony G. Pappas - Inside the Small Church
  6. Abe Funk - Hope for the Small Church: Revitalizing the Small Church Through Leadership Development
  7. Gary L. McIntosh, Fleming Revell - One Size Doesn't Fit All
  8. Ron Crandall, Herb Miller (Editor) - Turnaround Strategies for the Small Church
  9. Lyle Schaller - Small Membership Church
  10. CBOQ & McMaster - Transforming Communities, Leading Congregational Change
Urban Churches

Urban Churches

  1. Harvie Conn - A Clarified Vision for Urban Mission
  2. Lyle Shaller - Center City Churches
  3. Ray Bakke and Samuel Roberts - The Expanded Mission of 'Old First' Churches
  4. Orlando E. Costas - Liberating New: A Theology of Contextual Evangelization
  5. Ray Bakke - The Urban Christian
  6. Loren B. Mead - Transforming Congregations for the Future