Barnabas Initiatives pair two CBOQ church communities together to learn and enrich the other for a period of time.  Much as Barnabas did in Antioch, Barnabas churches seek to encourage one another to be mission-minded and Holy Spirit-attentive in one another’s contexts, seeking to transform their local community. We trust that they will work towards becoming intentionally multi-cultural and that they will see themselves and act in ministry as those who are both ‘sent’ and ‘sending’ in mission.

Through the seeds of these Barnabas initiatives, we hope to build a future together as passionate, growing churches. If the same Spirit of Jesus indwells us, we be live that it is possible to become God’s people, cutting-edge and faithful and missional in our day, in our communities, for times such as these.

What do Barnabas ministries look like?

  • Barnabas Churches seek to build multi-cultural leadership and communal expression, combining teaching in word and deed, and fostering fresh thinking about being the church in community.
  • They make sacrifices to build up the church.  They investing in what God is calling us to do together – beyond each of us in ‘our small corner’ – but collectively and concertedly joining to bless others in ways that are tangible expressions of our love for Christ.
  • They share Barnabas-like resources and encouragement.  They assess the financial resources, buildings, personnel, gifts, and talents in their midst and invest it into a sister Church.  We’ve seen that both communities thrive in the giving and receiving.

Active Barnabas Initiatives

  • CBOQ has joined with Oasis Dufferin Community Centre and the capable leadership of Chris Ortiz in a variety of outreach ministries inherent to Oasis in the Dufferin Street area, and in its mission of seeking to create community by demonstrating God’s love and care in such ways as to help people attain their fullest potential.
  • CBOQ has also joined with Greenhills Community, under the Directorship of the Rev. Narry Santos. A teaching and mentoring ministry is underway that includes both theory and practice – a context for learning and involvement in signficant community involvement and church leadership.

For more information contact Clint Mix, Director of Congregational Health