CBOQ churches are grouped into 16 Associations across Ontario and Quebec for common fellowship, resourcing and mission. Each Association has an Association Ministry Committee to strengthen the work of our pastors and other ministry leaders. Many of the Associations are also involved in organizing camps as part of their ministry work.

New churches join the CBOQ by first becoming members of their local Association.  Our Associations are also involved in evaluating and supporting ministry grant applicants. The Moderators of Associations meet annually with the CBOQ for fellowship and consultation.



Moderator: Della Bost
Ministry Committee Chair: Albert Lambkin
Clerk: Elaine McCorkle

Moderator: Carl Plett
Ministry Committee Chair: Willard Warnock
Clerk: Glennis Corlett

Moderator: Steven Barker
Ministry Committee Chair: Marilyn Gratz
Clerk: Doug Brown

Moderator: Kevin Latam
Ministry Committee Chair: Ralph Neil
Clerk: Lise Laplante

Moderator: Peter Dempsey
Ministry Committee Chair: Dallas Friesen

Moderator: Diane Ricketson
Ministry Committee Chair: Floyd Wilson
Clerk: John Rowe

Moderator: Hugh Willett
Ministry Committee Chair: Randy McCooeye
Clerk: Susan Sparks

Moderator: Ben Morris
Ministry Committee Chair: David A. Williams
Clerk: Gail Cleland

Moderator: Chris Taylor
Ministry Committee Chair: Ben Denhoed
Clerk: Phyllis Richardson

Moderator: Richard Smith
Ministry Committee Chair: Brian Horrobin
Clerk: Anne Coleman

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