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Welcome to Assembly 2015: Growing Up Together

Greetings Canadian Baptist family,

Who are we really?

We seldom ask questions like this at Assembly, but this year, we hope to ask it. Who are we as a family of Canadian Baptists of Ontario and Quebec? What is our God-created identity as a group? In a day of shifting values and innumerable options, what makes us who we are? How will we continue to grow up in ways that show we are subjects of God’s Kingdom?

In his recent Canadian Baptist article, our theme speaker, Gary Nelson writes:

There is much to learn from our roots. It may be time to recover some of them. They certainly were unsettling ideas at the time [they began]. Radical and revolutionary in such a way that King James (yes, that King James) found them unbelievably disturbing. No wonder he threw one of our forbearers, Thomas Helwys into prison and left him there until he died. Nothing is more unsettling than a faith is actually lived out.

As we gather this year, let’s GROW UP and live out this radical identity we have, TOGETHER. Bring your delegates and many more from your congregation to this annual experience of family business, inspirational worship and teaching, and peer-learning.

We are thrilled to welcome Gary Nelson as our plenary speaker and hear his perspective on what is unique about our Baptist family, what are the exceptional challenges we face and how we can move forward in ministry and mission together.

Canadian singer-songwriter and Juno award winning musical artist Steve Bell will be our worship leader this year. We are blessed to have him lead us as we praise God together.

Register today and begin praying with us that we will experience an outpouring of God’s Holy Spirit during these three days together.

It just wouldn’t be the same without you.

Strength and peace,

Tim McCoy – CBOQ Executive Minister

Should you have any questions regarding registration, please contact Kristi Pollard, Registrar. If you have technical difficulties with the site, please contact Jacqueline Solomon.