Treasurers are vital within the life of a church. The following guides and forms are designed to provide church treasurers with an overview of the various aspects of their role. Please note that they are not intended as legal advice and are current only at the date a specific guide was prepared or revised.

Read the 2015 November Newsletter for Church Treasurers and Administrators.

Contact Peris Kamotho, CBOQ’s Director of Administration and Treasurer, (416-620-2940 or if you require assistance.

Monthly Remittances
The remittance form is completed by the Treasurer and sent along with the cheques to the CBOQ office. The form allocates gifts from churches to benefits contributions, grants and the overall CBOQ budget. You can find the forms for 2015 and 2016, as well as instructions on filling out the form here.
Group Benefits
Information about group benefits, including our new flexible group benefits plan, Choices.
Human Resources and Payroll
Guides for Church Treasurers on Writing Employment Contracts, Pastor’s Payroll, Recommended Salary Guidelines, Clergy Residence Deductions, T4 and more
Church Finances
Guides for Church Treasurers on Tellers’ Procedures, HST and the Church, T3010-1 E, Disbursement Quota Reform for Charities, and a Local Church Audit Guide
Forms + Guides
Policies, Manuals, Tax info Monthly Remittance Forms, Application for a Church Mortgage, Certificate Loan Applications and much more