If you’re a Church Clerk, it is time for you to complete 2013 Annual Church Statistical Report. It may seem like mere paperwork, but these Statistical Reports can significantly shape the way we serve you in the future. This year, we’re using a new online method to complete these reports.

There are 5 documents to be submitted:

  • 2013 Statistical Report
  • Copy of completed T3010
  • 2013 Annual Report including Financial Statements
  • Church Constitution (latest revision including date)
  • Church History if available

It is our preference to receive files electronically. If necessary, mail your documents CBOQ, Attn. Carol Gouveia. If you require a hard copy of this form, please contact Carol (416-620-2949).

To use this fillable form:

  1. This form works best when opened in Internet Explorer or Firefox. Other browsers may  not be supported.
  2. Click here to go to the formThe form works best in Acrobat 8 or higher. If you have a lower version, you can either save the file and send it as an attachment or download a newer version. This will open a screen that looks something like this:
    stat shot
  3. Look for the “download” button on the right side of the screen:dbuttonYou will then be given the option to open the file in Acrobat or Save the file.
  4. Complete all of the relevant fields. You can move through the form by using the tab button.
  5. Save a copy for your records.
  6. DO NOT USE the submit button Please send your form as an attachement with your email.
  7. You will receive a confirmation email within 2 business days of your submission. If you do not receive a confirmation email, please send your report again as an attachment.
  8. If you do not complete the form in one sitting, you can save the form and re-open it later to finish.

Have more than four staff at your church?  Download the supplementary form here and follow the same instruction as above.

If you have any questions about the Report or need any assistance, please contact Carol Gouveia (416-620-2949)